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2017 Wholeasle OEM Advertising Bus Coach Plastic Handle Grabs Train Hand Hold for Sale

1.Webbing and outer rubber need to match.
2.Specific Surface Materials: polyester TPU, environmental TPU which is wear-resistant, oil-resistant, dirty-resistant and easy to clean.
3.Inside Material: Nylon webbing.
4.Zinc Alloy (Kirsite) Buckle (Buckle can be customized as per your request) is anti-rust and can stand more stronger pulling forces, comparing with the ordinary buckle, advertisement can be added to the buckle.
5.Texture: Aesthetics of the surface is very good. Texture can be customized as per your request.
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2017 Wholesale OEM Advertising Bus Coach Plastic Handle Grabs Train Hand Hold for Sale

Product Description
Name Bus Handle/ Bus Grab/ Bus Ring for  city coach/bus/public transport for assisting and protecting  passenger
Material Outside material: Specific Surface Materials Environmental High-Quality PVC which is weatherproof, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.
Inside material: High-density Nylon Webbing which can stand high pulling force.
Metal Buckle: High-Class Zinc Alloy Buckle with the elaborate process and rack plating tech.

 Length:11.02 inch

 Width: 1.1 inch

 Thickness: 0.13inch

 Weight: 5.1ounces=144g

Color  Gray, Black, Green, Brown, Yellow or custom as per your request
Distinct Advantages

Webbing and outer PVC rubber need to match strengthen the tenacity of the strap without friction burns 

to protect you and your passengers‘ safety and extend the service life of the product.

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Product Description
Detail Introduction of Baiqiang Bus Handle Coated Webbing
Germany's BASF flame retardant VO levelt polyurethanr plastics

Parameter of the Bus and Subway Handles


bus hand strap, advertising bus handle

Main Materials

Common surface materials : flame retardantpolyester TPU,flame retardant polyetherTPU ,

flame retardant environmental PVC, flame retardant PE

Webbing: tetoron , kraft


Zinc alloy plating, stainless steel


Specifications are customized according to customer's requirements, Specifications of the mold are: When the width is more than 76mm, customersneed to pay the open mold fee.

Flame retardant PVC coated tetolon webbing: 28 * 5 mm 25* 3 mm

Flame retardant TPUcoated kraft webbing: 20* 3.0mm 25* 3.0 mm 28* 3.0 mm

Flame retardant TPU belt: 25 * 4.0 mm

Flame retardant PEcoated kraft webbing: 25 * 3.4 mm

More sizes can be customized according to customer's requirements.


We can do according with international color card,, the often order colors are: light gray, dark gray, goose yellow, white, rice white, light brown.

Detection and parameter

Size error: standard size within plus or minus 1%, using vernier calipers to test.

Webbing and rubber's viscous force: 10 mm width, peel strength is bigger than 16 Newton. Using stripping test machine to inspect.

Environmental standards: in line with the ROHS, REACH, see the SGS inspection report.

Flame retardant standard: England vehicle fireproof rating BS6853:1999 Ib, see fireproof inspection report.

Tension:tension of webbing: 1800 Newton, tension of coated webbing: 5000 Newton.

Delivery time

15-20 days after we receive the deposit




affecting price

Different raw material:the performance and quality of the raw material

Differences in coated technology:

rubber and webbing'sviscous force strength.

Texture: dimensional accuracy is 0.1 mm, aesthetics of the surface is very good.,as bright as a mirror,grind arenaceous like fog.


1000 pieces( customization)

Production Process
Application fo Baiqiang Bus Hand Straps and Subway Handle Straps

Company Information
Company Information

Services and Advantages
Waterproof Bus Grab Handle
Payment and shippment
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