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Dongguan Baiqiang Company and Coated Webbing

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Baiqiang Company and Coated Webbing

        Baiqiang company, as a leader in the field of coated webbing in China, has experienced the whole development of coated webbing.

        We grew up with coated webbing. We developed, improved and perfected it, at the same time, it brought us achievement.


  • So, what is coated webbing?

Coated webbing is that environmental rubber ( such as TPU,PVC, PU,TPE ) is totally coated or covered around the webbing with extrusion technic to achieve webbings special applications or functions.


  • Then, what advantages do the coated webbing have compare with the ordinary webbing?

1.Perfect adhesion: Nylon webbing is coated tightly with TPU/ PVC/TPE and so on by taking advanced production technology so that air or water or anything else can’t permeate it. So, the coated webbing won’t oxidation and the color won’t fade.

2.Beautiful look: Our coated webbing is smooth, and flawless that is because we process the toner and raw material with special technology.

3. Excellent performances:

Waterproof, Abrasion Resistant, Electric Shock Resistant, Flexible, Durable , Easy to Clean, Weldable, High Adhesion, Tear Resistance Graves, Smooth, Low fraction.

4. Diversified surface effects: Gloss, Matte, Semi-gloss Finish and so on.

5. Multiple types: Ultra Thin, Super Flex, High Flex, Standard, Grooved and so on.


  • What Applications do the coated webbing have?


       1. Construction Safety & Tactical belts: Coated Webbing consists of durable Polyethylene webbing with a breaking strength of 500 lbs, completely coated and encased with a matte finish, leather textured, proprietary Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). It not only guarantees the safety but also have a beautiful look.



        2. A good replacement for leather & webbing products: this material looks like leather but lasts much longer than leather, without any of the associated maintenance. Great for horse harnesses, purse straps, belts, watch bands; anywhere you would use a leather strap or rubber strap.

       This material was extensively tested in accordance with ASTM methods and is superior to uncoated webbing and leather in every way. Excellent for outdoor, underwater, and cold weather use. Stays flexible down to -68F below zero. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) this material rates a 7 for Ultraviolet light resistance, and a 7 for abrasion resistance.



      3. Also great for making SCUBA diving accessories and underwater equipment. Both the base webbing and the TPU coating are extremely resistant to saltwater and will tolerate indefinite immersion in salt or fresh water, without significant degradation of strength, structure, or durability.


        4. It can be sewn, ultrasonic welded, riveted and secured with screws, nuts and washers. Resists acids, gasoline, oil, lye / caustic soda, sea water and bleach.

The above introduction is just the tip of the iceberg. Next article, we will brought more to you.


Happy New Year to 2018 !







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