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Bus Handle Grab

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1.Bus Handle Grab

Bus handle grabs are used usually in city bus(coach) to provide passengers assistance for standing balance.

bus handle grab

So what are materials of subway handle?

PVC strap, high tensile durable nylon webbing, high quality Zinc Alloy buckle.

The outside PVC coated inside webbing tightly.

Metal Buckle: High Class Zinc Alloy Buckle with elaborate process and rack plating tech,pvc coated strap

gray advertising bus handle

zinc alloy buckle

the electroplating layer is thick and uniformly distribution, so the electroplating layer is uneasy to falling off without any impurity. 

Perfect, smooth appearance with shining metallic luster and soft comfortable handfeel. 

The Buckle past salt spray test which proved to be waterproof, sweat and dirt resistant, cleanable. 

The Logo can be added to the buckle by laser marking with electroplating.  

pvc coated webbing

durable pvc coated webbing

What are other applications of hand strap is in next chapter.


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