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1. Fire resistance Subway Handle Strap

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1. Fire resistance Subway Handle Strap

Subway handle also named as metro handrail, usually used in subway(metro, underground) or train to provide passengers assistance for standing balance.

What's more our subway handle quality is in accordance with BS6853 standards

metro handrail

So what are materials of subway handle?

TPU strap, high durable fire resistance webbing, Stainless steel buckle.

The outside TPU coated inside webbing tightly.

subway handle strap

train handle

304 stainless steel has excellent performance of resistant to corrosive media is corrosion resistance than regular steel. 

304 stainless steel is widely used because of the ease in which it is formed into various shapes and has high tenacity that can stand more stronger pulling forces, 

comparing with the ordinary buckle,Customized Brand Logo or advertisement can be added to the buckle. Customization is OK.

subway grab handle

Outside material:Specific Surface Materials Environmental high quality TPU which is weatherproof,wear-resistant, oil-resistant, dirty-resistant, easy to clean and odorless.

This Flame retardant coated nylon webbing Subway Handle/Ring has high tenacity can stand very high strong pulling force, protecting your safety at any time.

train grab handle


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