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The application of coated webbing

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The application of coated webbing

  • Do you know the other names of coated webbing ?

The coated webbing has more than one name ,it also can be called waterproof webbing, plastic coated webbing, polymer coated webbing, polyurethane coated webbing, urethane coated webbing, TPU coated webbing, PVC coated webbing, TPE coated webbing, TPU flame flame retardant and so on . And now what associations does the name of the coated webbing have for you?

  • Do you know the coated webbing can be used to where?

People always associate the application with the waterproof coated webbing. Here we have listed a parts of application, as bellows:

1). Canine supplies: polyurethane dog collar, electronic collar, waterproof dog collars, waterproof dog leads, waterproof dog leashes, waterproof e-collars, reflective dog collars, sunglow dog collar, daygal dog collar, fluorescent dog collar, camouflage dog collar, TPU dog collars, PVC dog collars, polyvinyl waterproof e-collar, vinyl dog collars, TPU dog leads, polyurethane dog leashes;


2). Equine products: waterproof horse bridles, polyurethane horse headstalls, polyurethane horse halters, polyurethane horse reins, horse lead ropes, horse headstalls, polyurethane & polyvinyl horse breast collars; Martingale, breastplate, girth,carriage harness and other horse racing products;


3). Military & Fashion belt: waterproof waist belts, fashion waist belts, men's & women's waist belts, polyurethane waist belts, military waist belt, army TPU waist belts, gun belt sling, Military Safety Strap, army Safety strap;


4). Automotive interior accessories: car decoration straps, car's window, car's door, car's air?Conditioning vent,furniture decoration straps, suitcase decoration straps, passenger hand assist straps, city bus hand strap, city bus pull handle, train pull handle, subway hand strap, railway hand strap, MTR hand strap; Door's edge, board's edge, anywhere needs to be covered,as a protection.TPU tire liner for cyclocross bikes;



5). Sporting Goods Products: helmet chin straps, shoulder pads, helmet chin straps, mountain climbing gaiters;


6). Safety Supplies: safety harnesses, waistband, safety belt, elastomer polyurethane waterproof safety belts, safety strap, security strap, suspension trauma safety strap;



7). Case & Luggage Bag Accessories: outdoor dry bag belt, backpack belt sling, backpack strap, backpack handle, waterproof bag belt, puller strap.

Medical: cleanable medical gait, polyurethane gait belt, EZ clean gait belt, EZ clean safety gait belt, medical stretcher belt, patient physical restraints,.

Notes for medical supplies:

Completely sealed webbing is critical in the medical services fields.Having sealed web assemblies will reduce the contamination of the webbing by blood and other bodily fluids and reduce the decontamination time after use.



8). Rescue supplies,firefighting supplies,transportation facilities supplies:coated webbing is excellent for outdoor, underwater, and cold weather use. This material is an excellent replacement for any leather strap and nylon webbing, looks like leather but lasts much longer than leather, without any of the associated maintenance;


9). Military(tactical markets: transfer belt, army waist belts, military belt sling, stretcher belt, rifle slings

The tension to be reached of high demand seat belt and military belts: stretching resistance>350KGS;

stretch test to broken


10). Food processing.


  • The application of coated webbing with comprehensive description:

1.Polymer coated webbing for use in the manufacture of canine supplies, dog collars, leashes, harness and belts; Equine Products tack, reins, leashes, and harness; Cow collars, leashes, and belts.

2. Personnel Harness on which equipment can be hung, hold down belts for rocket motors in transit (known as missile straps).

3. Strap wrenches for oil filters,safety fall control harnesses and lanyards, climbing and arborist straps.

4. Police, military and tactical law enforcement belts and equipment straps.

5.Automotive interior accessories, bus grab handle, subway grab handle, combat car handle, taxi handle, Car Seats, and so on.

6.Sports goods: sports helmet chin strap belt for rugby/ football/ baseball, shoulder pad straps.

7.Personnel protection safety supplies:medical restraints, medical gait belt, fall protection full body safety belts, and tie-downs.

8. Apparel accessories: straps for case & luggage bag accessories, ski bags and boots, Fashion bags, TPU bar strap, shoe accessories. such as fashion sandal strap, slippers straps.

9. Child anti-lost safety harness strap wrist leash walking hand belt band,straps and harness for children's high chair(Baby Safety Belt), Pram, Strollers, Pushchair and changing tables.



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