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The True and Terrible Trap of Purchasing Coated Webbing

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On November 11, 2018, our customer service received a customer call, saying that they would like to buy coated webbing, and would like to talk directly to the boss. Why do customers want to talk to the boss, which has aroused my interest. Through consultation, we know that the customer originally purchased coated webbing form XX company. During use, it was found that the inside webbing and the outer rubber were not tightly bonded(cause the webbing is coated with rubber), and the webbing and the rubber were separated at the time of punching. Abnormalities occurred on the production line, so production could not be continued, and all the goods were returned. It also affected the final shipment, leading to huge losses to customers.


General Manager Ma played host to this customer

This is an intermediate trader. Since there is not much understanding of the coated webbing products, only the unit price of the products is compared when looking for suppliers in the initial stage. And the original supplier also promised that the materials they use were imported tpu raw materials; What’s more, their website has a strong emphasis that the adhesion between their tpu and webbing is excellent. The customer believed in them, then placed the order. And they soon delivered the coated webbing. However, the customer didn’t make the cohesive force test on this batch of coated webbing, and all the serious delamination problems were arisen when it was sent to the production line for production. The customer is really painful. In addition to the product loss of more than 6,000 USD, it also seriously affects the delivery time of the final customer and faces the risk of high fines. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new supplier to solve this problem.

Under the patient explanation of the general manager of Baiqiang company Ma Pingzhong, the customer known why the adhesive force of that supplier are not good:

1. The raw material selected by that manufacturer is added with a large amount of lubricating additive. This kind of material is easy to process, but it does not fuse with the webbing material.

2. The webbing material used by the manufacturer is an ordinary polyester webbing. In order to facilitate the weaving, lubricating oil is added to the webbing fibers, and such webbing is not fused with the tpu material.

3. The mold what they used is a common mold; And under the high temperature,  the tpu raw material and the webbing cannot be merged without pressure setting and a long time process of mixing.

It suddenly dawned on the customer that their original supplier had no mastery of the key technic and elements of producing tpu coated webbing. 

The Terrible Coated Webbing Strap



Mr. Ma said that during the 15 years production of coated webbing by Baiqiang company; We met too many similar painful examples that customer were cheated by some unscrupulous manufacturers and suffer a lot loss because of unknowing coated webbing and how to understand the quality of the coated webbing.  

Baiqiang Company is the earliest professional factory in China to develop and produce rubberized(coated) webbing which can be applied in pet collars & leashes, sports safety belts, medical gait belts, bus & subway handles, luggage & bags straps, leather belts and etc with rich experience. Baiqiang company are highly recognized by more than 500 brand customers and enjoy a good reputation inthis field. In terms of production capacity,Baiqiang have nine production lines, to produce coated webbing and the daily output is 60,000 meters. 

So buying a rubberized ribbon and choosing Baiqiang company is to choose the quality assurance.

Baiqiang Rubber & Plastic Company is specialized & professional in producing & researching coated webbing.



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